The following deliverables have been produced and published during the project. as specified in the project plan:

D.0.1: SAIL project presentation and SAIL project flyer, Report, Public

D.A.1: Description of project wide scenarios and use cases, Report, Public

D.A.2: Draft architectural guidelines and principles, Report, Public

D.A.3: Final harmonised SAIL architecture, Report, Public

D.A.4: Final migration description, Report, Public

D.A.5: Exploitation and dissemination plan, Report, Public

D.A.6: Final report on exploitation and dissemination, Report, Public

D.A.7: New business models and business dynamics of the future networks, Report, Public

D.A.8: Evaluation of business models, Report, Public

D.A.9: Description of overall prototyping use cases, scenarios and integration points, Report, Public

D.B.1: The Network of Information: Architecture and applications, Report, Public

D.B.2: NetInf Content delivery and operations, Report, Public

D.B.3: Final NetInf Architecture, Report, Public

D.B.4: Prototyping and evaluation, Prototype, Public

D.C.1: Architectural concepts of connectivity services, Report, Public

D.C.1 – Addendum: Architectural concepts of connectivity services - Addendum, Report, Public

D.C.2: Architecture and mechanisms for connectivity services, Report, Public

D.C.3: Demonstrator specification and integration plan, Report, Public

D.C.4: Applications for connectivity services and evaluation, Report, Public

D.C.5: Demonstrator for connectivity service, Demonstration, Public

D.D.1: Cloud network architecture description, version 2.0, Report, Public

D.D.2: Description of implemented prototype, Report, Public

D.D.3: Refined Architecture, Report, Public

D.D.4: Integrated prototype system for selected use cases, Report, Public

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