SAIL review ongoing

So much for a time-plan!

All EC-funded projects are regularly reviewed in order to ensure that they fulfill the requirements and expected outcome. SAIL is no exception.

I´m currently at our first SAIL review meeting where we are at the target for three assigned external reviewers – longing for finding out all the aspects of what we have done, what we are about to do and not the least why we are doing it. And I must say they are really interested!

We had an agenda initially. However, just having started our presentations, it was instantaneously scrutinized. We are literarily bombarded with interesting, relevant, reflecting and many times challenging questions. That’s good! It shows that there is a genuine interest in our work – from all three reviewers’ perspective and backgrounds, being it physics, computer science or network operations. On the down-side though, I wonder whether I will make my flight back home on time today… :-)

Disclosure and disclaimer: I am engaged in SAIL, an ICT project about the Future Internet, on behalf of Ericsson. However the opinions expressed in this post are my personal, and not those of the SAIL project or my employer.

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2 Responses to SAIL review ongoing

  1. Thomas says:

    What demands will Sail have on how the networks should be designed? We got all these hundreds of “community networks” in Sweden, without any real design control. Often designed in star structure, and without aim to be professionally operated and managed. How will this type of design inflict on the SAIL progress? Or maybe the ring structure in LAN an WAN networks including Next Generation Networks design are not so important no more?

  2. Benoit Tremblay says:

    We envision that we are entering an era in the development of networks and networking where connectivity, regardless of in what form and from what underlying network you get it, is being taken for granted. Connectivity will be like air – you will have it everywhere and it will be essential for life.
    The “community networks” will play a vital role here in the sense that they potentially could be one of the real providers of true hot-spot connectivity. Our mission in SAIL is to develop techniques for securing that community networks, wireless networks and any kind of “other access” you could envision can play a part in this scenario as one of many access techniques. We are developing connectivity services on top of the many available access techniques available now or in the future. We expect those services to use the connectivity available in the best way possible rather than imposing specific structure on existing networks. This does not prevent the community networks to find the best architecture to suit the needs of their users.

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