Deliverable D.A.5 “Dissemination and Exploitation Plan” available

Communication (do not mistake with “communications”) became more and more important in the last years, i.e., the need to tell the others what we are doing is a must these days.  In a time lapse of a generation, we went from paper information in libraries to electronic media in the Internet, with all the consequences that it has (easiness of access, amount of information, the way we show things, etc.).  R&D cannot ignore these aspects, and research projects are requested more and more to use these new means to communicate their progress and findings.

SAIL, dealing with the Future Internet and the Networks of the Future, would obviously had to follow this stream.  As in any other project within the European framework Dissemination and Exploitation plays an important role, and an initial Deliverable (D.A.5) has been produced for this area.  The approach was to combine the more traditional means (e.g., papers in conferences and presence in workshops) with these new approaches (this blog itself is already part of this strategy).  The report, Exploitation and Dissemination Plan, is available in the project’s website, under the entry for Deliverables.  Hopefully, this way, we’ll be capable of better communicating the project’s objectives, progress and results to the whole research community, hence, not only reaching one of the goals of the European Commission, but also sharing the knowledge with colleagues, for a better and faster progress of Science.

Do join us on this blog, sharing your comments and views.  I’m sure we’ll all benefit from this.

Disclosure and disclaimer: I am engaged in the SAIL project, on behalf of IST-TUL. However the opinions expressed in this post are my personal, and not those of the SAIL project or my employer.

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