IEEE CloudNet conference

The first IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (IEEE CloudNet) took place last week (28-30 November 2012) in the beautiful city of Paris. Naturally SAIL, being in one of the fronts of research in the area, was repsesented. Daniel Turull (KTH), Shubhabrata Roy (INRIA) and I (João, PTIN) were there. Daniel was there to present libnetvirt, Shubhabrata Roy to present an Elastic Video distribution demo and I to present the Link Negotiation Protocol (LNP).

Being the conference’s first edition I believe it was a very good one. We had excellent keynote speakers, such as:

  • Radia Perlman (Intel Labs), who had a talk more related to network protocols like spanning tree, TRILL (who would guess these two :) ), Ethernet and so on;
  • Tarik Taleb (NEC Europe), who presented extremely well the FP7 Mobile Cloud Networking project (which has just started) and in-between referred SAIL as one project working in Cloud Networking;
  • David Bernstein (IEEE Cloud Standards, EC FP7 eInfrastructure, US NIST, Cloudscaling) also had a very interesting talk, especially in the end of his intervention (I will come back to this ahead in this post).

There were a lot of interesting presentations. You can check the conference website, download some of the presentations, and latter see the articles in the IEEE explorer. With respect to the LNP presentation it went quite well (but of course I am suspicious :) ) and the timing was, in my opinion, perfect. The presentation slot was in the last day of the conference, first paper presentation of the day, right after the opening speech from David Bernstein. David talked about the IEEE P2302 Intercloud Standard and Testbed project, but the best was left for last, when he talked about the need to establish enterprise VPNs with Clouds across multiple domains in a cloud fashion way. For those familiar with the subject this was a perfect incentive to present the LNP. Although the core of the paper was the LNP, the content was always supported by CloNe’s architecture.

During the presentation I stated that there were currently no suitable “cloud alike” interfaces available for the network, but said that these were starting to appear, making reference to the Open Cloud Networking Interface (OCNI) and libnetvirt. In the second session of that morning Daniel Turull presented the libnetvirt. Later in the afternoon was time for the demos, including the one from INRIA.

I had a small discussion with Professor Harry Perros from the North Carolina State University concerning the presented architecture and how it would work from a business perspective and later with Orange fellows regarding the establishment of VPNs across multiple domains and connecting them to Clouds.

In the end, the only sad new I bring from Paris is that we did not win the Best Paper Award with the LNP paper to which we were nominated along with other 4 papers (I hope I can live with this ;-) ). Nevertheless this is an external recognition of the good work that is being carried on within SAIL.

With the finish line ahead, let’s keep on SAILing strong…

Disclosure and disclaimer: I am engaged in SAIL, an ICT project about the Future Internet, on behalf of PTIN. However the opinions expressed in this post are my personal, and not those of the SAIL project or my employer.

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