Update from WP-D, the Cloud Networking area

Just to let you know what are we doing in WPD, which is one of the workpackages of SAIL project. Our focus is on Cloud Networking and we have already walked half of the way working toward our objectives.

The objective of WP-D is to create an architecture for cloud networking and flash network slice (FNS) over multiple, typically heterogeneous, multi-administrative domains. If you are curious what a FNS is, the FNS is a new resource that is introduced by CloNE. The purpose of FNS is to better address network capabilities in the IaaS paradigm according to CloNe requirements. It includes Network resource, Links, Space of interconnected links, Quality of service and a set up time. It is constructed and managed within a single administrative domain.

To explore the cloud networking architecture in more details, control functions and protocols, management and security aspects are addressed.  To evaluate all solution in a large scale prototype, a testbed hosted by three different partners is set up.  This prototype will proof feasibility of the solutions and a migration approach.

The architectural solution, including security and management framework, was documented and delivered.  Some of the contributions in this architecture are the concept of Flash Network Slices (FNS) as a space of interconnected end-points with specific QoS guarantees and dynamic reconfiguration properties.  The FNS is mapped to three different platforms namely, flow based networks (e.g., OpenFlow), fully virtualized networks (e.g., 4WARD VNet) and virtual private networks (VPNs).

The interfaces between the different parts of the cloud networking eco-system have been identified and their nature specified.  Two different control protocols have been defined, enabling the CloNe vision.  The first one is a RESTful Infrastructure Service Interface, based on an extension of the existing OCCI standard, thus, being migration friendly.

In the second one, the distributed control plane will be used to enable cross domain interaction and signalling.

Right now, we are focusing on building a prototype of our solution, by building a test bed and deploying the necessary functionalities to demonstrate our use cases. Later I will let you know about our use cases and updates on our prototyping activity.

Disclosure and disclaimer: I am engaged in SAIL, an ICT project around the Future Internet, on behalf of Ericsson. However the opinions expressed in this post are my personal, and not those of the SAIL project or my employer.

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